JC Whitney to remove underperforming affiliates

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This is from an affiliate email that was sent out: On behalf of the JC Whitney Affiliate Program Team, we thank you for your hard work and support. JC Whitney is committed to having affiliates in the program that are contributing sales and earning commissions. We value our relationship and want to give you the opportunity to remain a part of the affiliate program. To date, your site has not generated sufficient sales to remain in the program but JC Whitney wants to help you improve your performance.

In order to remain a JC Whitney Affiliate, you must generate at least $100 in sales by April 30, 2008. Our standard promotion for the month of April is $20 off $100/$40 off $200. While this offer is effective, we would like to provide you with one of our most powerful promotions, 10% off with no order minimum, to help you reach the $100 sales goal. This offer will be valid until the goal deadline of April 30, 2008.

As mentioned in our March newsletter, this is a peak season for JC Whitney, so with a little effort on both sides and strong offers during this time, if this minimal sales level goal cannot be reached, we may just not be a good fit for each other.

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