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Nature Hills Affiliates,

This month's newsletter features news on an affiliate promotion for this month along with Valentine's Day gift ideas that will help you grow your commissions and hopefully earn a bonus!

Ready for Valentine's Day? It is less than two weeks away and is always one of our top three holidays for sales at Nature Hills. This year it falls on a Saturday; and it will be a 3 day holiday weekend for most because Monday, 2/16 is President's Day. We'll be offering deep discounts and free shipping on all roses and fruit trees over that 3 day weekend.

Spring is also around the corner, so we are getting ready for our busiest season of the year and we hope you are too! Now is a great time to set up your site to take advantage of customers looking for great deals on plants and shrubs. We have added a lot of new products, we are expecting record conversions this year, and want you to be a part of this growth.

Affiliate Promotion For February:

This month we will be offering a bonus to the top three non-coupon affiliates. The top affiliate will earn a bonus of $30, second will earn a $20 bonus, and third will earn a $10 bonus. This promotion is in effect for sales during February 1-28 and any bonuses will be applied to affiliate accounts during the first week of March.

Thank you for being a Nature Hills Nursery affiliate. We really appreciate your working with us. See you in March.

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