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No added sugar is a British clothing brand for Children (from newborn to 12 years old), and was born through a simple desire to create witty baby T-shirts.

The year was 2001, my first child Gabriel was just one year old, we were living in a enviable loft in edgy Old Street, London, with Shoreditch and Hoxton just a stones throw away, and I was itching to to do something creative and a little challenging.

Having created and ran the Pushca brand of clubs and parties with my husband Ric for almost ten years, we had lived a colourful and mainly nocturnal past life. The parties were flamboyant; attracting a fascinating glamorous mix of London's glitterati in lavish environments, with strict door policies and dancing until breakfast time, that with Gabriel as our new baby, we had woken up to a different world.

From those early days we have passionately grown our business. From 2007 we presented our very first full collection and these have continued to grow in volume and distribution. We stock some wonderful stores globally and enjoy full representation of the brand in Germany and the US.

Our ethos to produce high quality modern kids wear has been appreciated and it is that appreciation and support that drives us on.

Our core values of quality products and exceptional customer service are as key today as when we set out. We hope you'll join us in our journey and mission; to inject a little bit more adventure in to that little persons wardrobe.

We have a fantastically loyal customer base, some of who have bought their children up on no added sugar! Gifting is also a big part of what we do, every item is carefully individually gift wrapped as standard. Our customers range from expectant mothers to grandparents, there really is something for everyone.

Who we are looking for:

We are looking for a wide variety of affiliates to compliment our brand, and help promote the no added sugar brand to a wide audience. We are looking primarily for lifestyle, fashion, gifting and childrens related websites, and in return, we are offering 10% commission on all sales (15% launch offer until the end of January 2013)

Commission Details:

Launch offer - 15% on all orders until the end of January 2013.

10% on all orders


  • Earn 10% commission on all goods (15% until end of Jan)

  • Regular newsletters to keep you up to date with offers, promotions and competitions

  • Regularly updated banners


For further information, please email:

Search/PPC Policy:

  • Affiliates are not allowed to bid on the brand 'noaddedsugar' or 'no added sugar' or any of its variations / misspellings, such as (but not limited to) nas,, noaddedsuagr, etc.

  • No direct linking. Affiliates are not allowed to link their PPC campaigns directly to

  • No confusingly similar domains: you are not allowed to register confusingly similar domains, like etc. However, you are allowed to have a noaddedsugar category if you like

  • No frames: Affiliates may not put the noaddedsugar website into frames or masked URLs.

Join today at Linkshare!

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