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The Jimmy Jazz Affiliate Program features two great brands, JimmyJazz.com and ManAlive.com!

Jimmy Jazz

With over 120 stores on major streets and urban malls, and an award winning website, Jimmy Jazz is recognized as the largest urban clothing and sneaker retailer in the United States. We offer our customers the hottest hip hop brands of clothing for teenagers and adults; and kicks for both adults and kids alike. We feature premier apparel brands like Rocawear, founded by Hip Hop icon Jay-Z, Coogi, Akademiks, Baby Phat and Dereon, along with the best selection of shoes from Nike, Creative Rec, Jordan, and Polo Footwear to name a few. Features of the Jimmy Jazz Affiliate Program include:

Man Alive

ManAlive.com is one of the nation's leading hip hop inspired fashion retailers for men and women. Man Alive has a long tradition of offering cutting edge, brand name designer kicks and gear from manufacturers like Levi’s, Nike, Apple Bottoms, Adidas, LRG, True Religion, Blac Label, just to name a few. Man Alive's history dates back to the early 1970's, and today, Man Alive embodies the hip hop fashion lifestyle through its clothing, shoes & accessories offered online and offline at close to 100 stores in 16 states.

Features of the Jimmy Jazz and Man Alive Affiliate Programs include:

  • Exclusive Coupons and Deals for Affiliates

  • AOV over $150

  • Up to 10% Commission

  • 30 day Cookie

  • Dedicated Affiliate Management by Gen3 Marketing

  • Complete Product Catalog Available

Thanks for looking. Please contact us with any questions or needs. We encourage your participation and look forward to working closely with you.

Kyle Laskowski

Join today at Commission Junction!

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