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Commission Junction today anounced that for the fifth year in a row, it remains the affiliate provider of choice among more online retailers in the 2010 Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide than any other provider. Of the retailers on the list who work with a third-party affiliate provider, 63% of them choose Commission Junction �" more than twice as often as they choose any other player in the affiliate space.

"We're thrilled that this year's results continue to support what Commission Junction has known all along: technology, experience, and expertise drive results," said Kerri Pollard, General Manager of Commission Junction. "Our Top 500 dominance illustrates that our clients get amazing results with our 'platform + publishers + people = performance' approach."

Commission Junction also commands the greatest number of the list's largest online retailers who have third-party affiliate programs, including 64% of the top 100. The significance of this is simple: revenue. According to Internet Retailer, the 100 biggest merchants on their list generate 86% of all sales for the entire 500.

A closer look at the Top 500 shows that Commission Junction's approach applies equally well across all online retailer categories. This translates into Commission Junction working with more of the top retailers in every category than any other third party provider.

"We're grateful to our merchants and our affiliate partners for the trust they put in us year after year to drive revenue and profit growth," said Pollard. "We look forward to 2010 being another successful year for Commission Junction and our great clients."

To see the hundreds of programs that enjoy success in the Commission Junction Network, as well as to learn more about CJ's affiliate solution, go to

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